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Portrait von Dudu Gencel, eine Frau mit schwarzen Haaren und rotem Lippenstift
Dudu Gencel
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If you're looking to develop your business in Vienna, I'll provide you with comprehensive consultations. As an expert for the startup ecosystem, I am well connected both nationally and internationally and will be happy to activate this network to assist you with your business scaling. Also contact me if you want to know more about Vienna's major startup festival ViennaUP. Let's talk.

  • Get the numbers

    Dealroom is the place to learn all about the key players, indicators and opportunities in the Viennese startup ecosystem.

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  • Meet Vienna's investors

    Learn about the city’s seasoned investors, betting on teams in health & life sciences, the creative industries, and sustainability. 


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  • The centre of an international network

    Vienna’s tight integration into the international startup landscape make the city a spring board for unparalleled growth. 

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  • Starting a business in Austria

    Explore the path to setting up a limited liability company (GmbH) in Austria and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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  • These startups are having a ball!

    Discover the city's many tech success stories, and meet the people behind them, with Sifted's "Tech in Vienna" report.

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  • Explore recent funding rounds

    Feel the financial pulse of innovation in Vienna, get an understanding of the trends, and meet cutting-edge ventures. 

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A city to make your own. Let's meet Vienna.

Over 2,000 coffee houses

Vienna’s coffee houses are part of its globally-renowned heritage and were probably the world’s first co-working spaces.

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10 fun facts about Vienna’s coffee houses
63 kilometres

of access to natural bodies of water in Vienna. In summer, the city offers a perfect and free natural alternative to open-air swimming pools. 

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Take a swim on the wild side
193,000 university students

of which 1/3 are international, in 27 institutions of higher learning. 

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Higher education in Vienna
48 co-working spaces

designed to maximise insight, innovation and collaboration. 

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Vienna's co-working spaces
63% of Austrian startups

have international employees. And diverse teams have been shown to deliver more success. 

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Meet the austrian startup monitor
  • Success Story

    Revo Foods: Salmon, the vegan way

    Viennese startup Revo Foods has made a name for itself by developing 3D-printed plant-based smoked salmon.

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  • Success Story

    FANTOPLAST: Recycled design solutions take the Gewerbehof Seestadt by storm

    FANTOPLAST Circular Design has found everything it was looking for in the Gewebehof in Seestadt: A place where real designer pieces are created from recycled plastic waste and where urbanity and production are thought of together!

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    Fantoplast: Das Team von Fantoplast, eine Frau und vier Männer, stehen mit bunten runden und eckigen Paneelen in einem Innenhof.
  • Success Story

    PreGenerate - a bio chip instead of animal testing

    PreGenerate, a Viennese MedTech company in the Startup Labs Vienna, is working on a pioneering new method using organic chips. Could their method be an alternative path?

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  • Success Story

    kleinkraft - small but mighty energy pioneers

    The world is racing to transition from fossil fuels towards more renewable energies. On energy storage, kleinkraft is blazing a new trail.

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