Woman in the feinedinge store

feinedinge: The Viennese studio that redefines handmade porcelain

December 12, 2023|TA

"I was always very curious. I really wanted to make it."

Woman pouring clay in the feinedinge workshop
All feinedinge* products are carefully crafted by hand in their studio in Vienna.
Woman working with clay at the feinedinge workshop

“It’s important to learn to react quickly to challenges. To follow one’s gut feeling and not let fear take over. And of course, to nurture a certain willingness to take risks, to persevere.”


Margaretenstrasse 35, 1040 Vienna

Services of the Vienna Business Agency

Funded through the programme Nahversorgung (local amenities) for craft in 2014

Neighbourhood Business Funding

Funded through the programme Internationalisation in 2009

International Market Entry Funding